The McAfee AntiVirus software that come with 1 year free subscription from my new ASUS desktop will be expired in a few days. I will need to decide if to pay McAfee so that I can continue to use the software, or to buy another one.

Searching For Antivirus Software

I perform some search in Google. Visit a few sites that review anti virus software. Sad to said, many such sites are not convincing, and worst, some provide wrong information. I am talking about BIG and POPULAR sites (I don’t want to name those sites here. They are famous sites related to computer and technology.).

Finally, I settle with TomsGuide site. This site provide more detail and convincing information. You can click here to read it’s article about “Antivirus Software Buying Guide”..

Here is another great article: “Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2016” from

Pass Experience with Antivirus Software

In the past, for paid antivirus software, I have used Norton (not good experience) and McAfee. For free ones, I have used Avast, AVG and Microsoft. Apart from providing antivirus function, I am looking for Firewall feature. Will be nice to have a password manager as well. Currently I am using Roboform. I have tried Ture Key that come with McAfee AntiVirus, however it is not as user friendly as Roboform, thus at the end, I stop using Ture Key. If the antivirus software comes with a password manager that can match Roboform, I will be able to save some money for it 😛

Decided to use BitDefender

This time round, I decided to choose BitDefender. There are many editions available for BitDefender antivirus software. You can click here to read the comparison. As I have just a new Sony phone, and it needs protection as well, I decided to choose the “Total Security Multi Device” version. Luck me :P, there is still a BLACK FRIDAY promotion this time round, so the cost is much much cheaper now 🙂

There is a few ways to pay for BitDefender

I choose Paypal as I have balance in the account 🙂

BitDefender Activation code Received 10 mins after purchased

After payment, I received an invoice from my email within a minute.

However, the Activation code is sent via another email about 10 minutes after that.

Keep here to read my the walk through of the installation BitDefender process.