From my previous post – Hunting for AntiVirus software for my desktop, I have mentioned that I have purchased Bitdefender antivirus software to replace my existing McAfee after it expired.

After the payment process, I proceed to download the Bitdefender software as instructed via the email.

Uninstall McAfee

Along the way to install Bitdefender, it will prompt you to remove existing antivirus software. For my case, it is McAfee. So I suggest you to uninstall them before proceed.

I proceed to uninstall McAfee. A restart of my computer is required before Bitdefender installation process can continue.

Install Bitdefender

Installation is very straight forward. Just follow the on screen wizard. Note that, a basic scanning is run during the installation process.

Activating Bitdefender

After Bitdefender is installed, the program will be opened.

Click on the Account Info icon as shown below.

Click on the button to bring up the website, My Subscriptions page. Here, I can enter the activation code that I have recevived from the email. However, I realized that I still have my 30 day trial. I decided that I will enter the code when the due date is near. Indirectly, I earn myself an additional month from the subscription.

That’s all for now. Bitdefender has been running while I am writing this post.