Today, when I am reading my email from my Yahoo web interface, I notice the following advertisement:

Yahoo Email Ads

Updated: Another ads I saw on 23 Feb 2014:
Yahoo Email Ads

Out of curiosity, I click on the ads and it lead me to page at
The page state: “…If you spend much time online and have been wanting to work from home, you might be in luck. Facebook has now released a “Work From Home Program” that will allow people to work from the comfort of their own homes…”
Facebook Work From Home Ads 1
I perform research on this domain and it seems like the owner has sites like,, etc. (I might be wrong)

When you click on the link on, it will redirect you to a sale page: (as shown on the screen below)
Facebook Work From Home

Do note that the sales page is showing “.. using facebook” and not about Job from Facebook.

After some researches, I have found some sites that mention about this Facebook Work From Home program:

If you are unsure or wish to find out more about Facebook, you can ask question in Facebook’s official forum:

When I am reading my email a few minutes later, another advertisement shows up (promoting the same product):
Yahoo Email Ads
This time round, the ads direct you to another domain:
Facebook Work From Home Ads 2
(Looks exactly the same as the previous ones)
After clicking the link on the ads, it points to the same page as mention above:

My Review about this Facebook Work From Home Program

Do you really need one? It’s is very obvious that the advertisement is not from Facebook. It is a site that is created to promote something to you (so that he can earn some commission).
As for the sales page, I am not sure about the quality of the product. It seems like they are trying to sell something that is supposed to help you in making money with Facebook.

Personally, I believe that money can be made using Facebook. But don’t believe when someone tell you that you can make money easily with Facebook. It will not happen.

15 Mar 2015 Updated

I have been seen these ads running on Yahoo for many days. The advertisers should have earned a lot of commission from them 🙂 Today, when I browse on, I notice 3 similar ads run on the same page as follow:

Facebook Work From Home on

Advertisement 1:
Yahoo - Facebook Work From Home Ads 1
Advertisement 2:
Yahoo - Facebook Work From Home Ads 2
Advertisement 3:
Yahoo - Facebook Work From Home Ads 3

Are those Facebook Likes real or fake?

On bottom the promotion/sales page, there is some comments that looked like coming from Facebook.
But if you highlight you mouse on those highlighted section as shown below, you realize that these links are not click-able. This section does not come from Facebook. Are these comments and testimonial real then? I am not sure, use your head to think 😛
Facebook Likes

Facebook Plugin