I finally give up on Adobe Reader X to read my PDF files. I have been using Adobe Reader to read all my PDF files for years.

Today I decided to switch to another pdf reader. Adobe Reader is so…ooooo slow to open and scroll a file. It’s so painful to read with it. After some research, I decided to try Foxit Reader from http://www.foxitsoftware.com.

Foxit Reader Review

After installation (within minutes), I open the same PDF file that I have read halfway (previously reading with Adobe Reader X and give up when the reader just hang) with Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader provides me a much much better reading experience vs Adobe Reader X.

One day after installing Foxit Reader (FoxitReader706.1126_enu_Setup.exe) Update: My initial thought about Foxit Reader was good until today 🙁 When I try to start my PC today, I realize that everything become very slow, from starting Windows OS, to every things that I try to access after the long start-up. After many hours of troubleshooting and trying, finally I found out that it is because of the Foxit Reader software. I have no idea why Foxit Reader can cause should a serious issue to my PC. Anyway, I uninstall the software, and everything goes back to normal.

PDF-XChange PDF Viewer

After the previous incident, I tried another PDF reader: PDF-XChange PDF Viewer (from http://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer). I test it with to open the same PDF. Is is slower than Foxit Reader, but faster than Adobe Reader X. I have yet to restart my machine. Hopefully this software work fine after that 🙂

Update: My PC becomes slow again after PDF-XChange PDF Viewer is installed. It seems to be the having the same issue with Foxit Reader. It might be because of the ASUS Dual Band Wireless AC1200 USB Adapter (USB-AC53). The software installation seems to cause issue with the hardware. Another headache now 🙁

Goodbye Adobe Reader …

Testing Foxit Reader and PDF-XChange PDF Viewer now, hoping to solve the “slow” PC issue. More likely the hardware is the one that cause the issue.
Update: I moved the USB Adapter to another USB port. The issue seems to resolve by doing that. I have no idea what’s happening. Anyway, both the software and hardware are working fine now 🙂