On 21 Nov 2016, I tried to apply POSB Everyday Card online. Everything looks fine, and I just followed the steps to complete the whole process. Strangely, I did not received any notification from the bank after the whole process. I am not sure what went wrong.

On 30 Nov 2016, I still did not receive any news for the bank. I try to apply it again from https://www.posb.com.sg/personal/cards/credit-cards/posb-everyday-card
Click on the Apply Now button that link to https://www.posb.com.sg/personal/ib-anchor/redirect-posb-cards-aa.html?oid=sg-posb-pweb-cardscc-cards-posb-everyday-card-btnapplynow&applicationType=Credit&cardOrg=702&cardLogo=212&cardType=credit%20cards&productType=cards&cardName=posb-everyday-card

It is redirect to dbs.com.sg, that prompt me for my login. I follow the instruction. I see a list of various DBS credit cards, except the one I want to apply – the POSB Everyday Credit card.

Sign … Banks are trying hard to get people to sign up their credit cards. Here… I, a ready customer, wanting to apply a new credit card, and yet facing such situation.


Update: Finally around Jan 2017, I manage to apply for the card online. I suppose they have fixed the issue 🙂