What a surprise!!! Just a few days before we traveled to JB, I notice that the website for the hotel (KSL Resorts Johor Bahru) that I have booked showed: “This Account Has Been Suspended“.

This worried me, as my hotel booking has been done. Now, I am not sure what the heck is going on.

The main site at www.kslcity.com.my is still working fine. But website that the Hotel link is pointing to ( http://kslresorts.com.my ) is having problem.

The other sites: kslresorts.com.my and ksl.my, both show “Account Suspended” notice.
kslcity.com.my Account Suspended
ksl.my Account Suspended

I have sent them an email to confirm my booking. Hopefully, that it’s email is still functioning well.

I wonder who is the webmaster for the sites! Who host the sites for them? What is the cause for such thing to happen? This definitely affect the image of a company.

Having say that, I am disappointed with my hosting company HostGator.com recently. The website is getting slower. A few months ago, it decided to stop backing up my sites as it mentions my account has INODE usage issue. I am going to look for another hosting company, and say bye bye to HostGator. It used to be good many years back, but not any more.