Finally Kindle DX arrived from Amazon to Singapore 🙂 I have order this device via VPost‘s new service: vShop4U. The process of ordering from vShop4u is very straight forward. You just need send vPost the link to Kindle DX at Amazon website. vPost will take about a day to reply you with a total cost (plus shipping) if you wish to purchase from it. At the point of ordering (05-Nov-2013), vShop4u quotes me S$268.49 (Product cost: 250.54; Shipping cost: 17.95) to purchase it (I cannot recall the listing price at Amazon, US$199 or US$239. Base on exchange rate, I suppose my price at the time of purchase is US$199).

Kindle DX

Kindle DX is a 9.7″ E Ink Display ebook reader. I have chosen Kindle DX over the newer Kindle Paperwhite, which is 6″ in size due to the larger in size and better support for PDF formatting. It comes with free 3G. To my amaze, the 3G is working in Singapore. I have yet to try out if I could purchase kindle book from amazon.

You will have to register your Kindle before you can utilise the full features of Kindle DX (I have created another account as I am not so sure if my existing one can be set to purchase Kindle’s books). For example, if you do not register KindleDx, the Create New Collection feature will not be available.

I am currently busying uploading some eBooks to it. Just in time for my Hong Kong trip, which is a few days later 😛