Setting Goals For Midlife Crisis

“I think midlife crisis is just a point where people’s careers have reached some plateau and they have to reflect on their personal relationships.”
– Bill Murray

Most of us are good at creating a compelling future. It’s easy to get excited about making a lot of money or losing a lot of weight. The challenge lies in getting from your present situation to your goal. The idea is easy. The realization is elusive.

Set goals that ensure success:

  1. Start with the end in mind. Then work your way back to the present. It’s no different than following a map. You must know where you’re going. Then you can figure out how to get there.
  2. Work back until you reach a step that you can take today. If you’re interested in starting a charity, you might have some research to do first. If your desire is to lose weight, joining a gym might be in order.
  3. Become the person necessary to achieve your goals. Becoming healthy and fit requires becoming a person that puts health and fitness above those pleasures that move you away from your goals. Be willing to transform yourself.
  4. Develop a list of daily activities you can perform that will take you closer to your goal. It’s more important to do the necessary little things each day than it is to do something spectacular once.
  • For example, eating healthy meals, taking two daily walks, and avoiding dessert will do more to trim your waistline than one grueling session at the gym once a week.
  • Focus on daily tasks. These are much easier to turn into habits than activities that occur less frequently.
  1. Review your goals daily. Avoid forgetting about your goals by reviewing them regularly. Five minutes in the morning or evening is sufficient.
  2. This is the most important step. Persist until you’re successful.

Goals are the path to changing your life. It’s not enough to know what you want. It’s necessary to make changes to create the results you’re targeting. Set realistic goals that excite you and create daily habits that will lead you to success. Be willing to become a new version of yourself in the process.

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