Why I need a VPN

It’s has been a while for me to look for a VPN provider. The major trigger for me to get one immediately is because of 2 of the membership sites that I have joined. These 2 sites cannot authenticate my login properly. My immediate thought is that it is because of the dynamic IP address Singtel is assigning (I am not sure if other ISPs in Singapore are using dynamic IP as well). Singtel broadband is using dynamic IP, and the IP address is changing when I toggle between pages from the membership site. As a result, it cause the membership site to think that this is a different user, and log out my session 🙁

I am quite sure that this is the reason as it has happened to me for many other occasions. Just too bad, the owners of these 2 sites do not seem to know how to bypass this issue (or maybe they are not interested).

HideMyAss VPN

I am thinking to join HideMyAss VPN initially as I have read many good reviews about it. However as I am doing further research about VPN providers, I notice that there is an occasion that HideMyAss releases the user log to an authority party because of some criminal offense. If you are interested about this incident, you can read more about it at http://blog.hidemyass.com/2011/09/23/lulzsec-fiasco/.

This prompts me to do further investigation on the logging policy of the many VPN providers that I am researching. Finally, I narrow down to another 2 VPN providers: StrongVPN and PureVPN.

StrongVPN vs PureVPN vs HideMyAss Logging Policy

* click on the image view an enlarge one.

StrongVPN Logging Policy

StrongVPN log term
Source: http://strongvpn.com/logkeeping.shtml

PureVPN Logging Policy

PureVPN log term
Source: http://www.purevpn.com/term.php

HideMyAss Logging Policy

hidemyass log term
Source: https://vpn.hidemyass.com/vpncontrol/privacy.html

I Choose PureVPN

Frankly, I am not so sure how true these logging policies are. On paper, I think PureVPN is a better one. Overall, the above 3 VPN providers have good reviews. In term of price, they are about the same. For me, the number of servers available is not critical. What I am more concerned is the IP address, access speed and the logging of user activities.

I thew out HideMyAss from my list, and finally between StrongVPN and PureVPN, I joined PureVPN. I signed up for the annual plan and opt for a static ip address (additional $2 per month) using my Paypal account.

Customer Service

The before service from both StrongVPN and PureVPN are great (I didn’t try HideMyAss as it is not in my list). I used the live chat service displayed from the websites to ask for more information. The experience is positive, both operators answered to my questions promptly.

The after service PureVPN is a pleasure one as well. After I purchased PureVPN, I realized that I was charged double. I used the live chat service to inform the operator about this. He asked for my email that I used to purchase the package, and within 3 minutes, it’s resolved. After 1 hour, it’s refund. That’s fast 🙂

PureVPN – Ease of Use

Install PureVPN program – Installing of PureVPN is very easy. After I logged in to the member area, the first thing is to download a software and install in my Win7 machine. The exe file is quite small. The whole installation process take less than 5 minutes.

Using PureVPN program – I launch the PureVPN program. Key in the country and login information. Click the Quick Connect button. And bingo, everything is working now. I don’t even need to do any other setup, not even my browser setting 😛
purevpn program

I try to login to the 2 sites that I used to have issue accessing. And yes, now I can access them without any problems.

PureVPN Speed

After some hours of using the PureVPN, I don’t feel much different with or without using it as I mainly use for browsing without downloading big files. I am happy with the performance so far. However if I on the VPN and try to download big files, somehow the speed is slow. For such purpose, I will off the VPN.

Updated on 18 Feb 2015: I have stopped my subscription with PureVPN after 1 year, mainly because I do not need VPN since then. However, I will need VPN again in the near future. This time round, my need to VPN is different from previously, as I need more countries IP addresses. I am thinking to switch to HideMyAss VPN as the speed from PureVPN is a bit slower than I have expected. I am hoping HideMyAss will perform better. HideMyAss seems to have more countries. One issue with HideMyAss is the price, it is much higher than PureVPN when I last checked :(.

Will keep you folks posted if I join HideMyAss or stay with PureVPN 🙂

If you have any experience with any of the VPN providers, do share your comment and experience below.