I have been using RoboForm Everywhere as my password manager for many years. I have been paying $19.95 yearly to enjoy the ease of securing and accessing my passwords. I have stored tons of passwords for many sites in my Roboform database 🙂

Roboform vs TrueKey

About a month back, I suddenly have an idea to replace RoboForm with some other password manager software as I realized my McAfee software come with a free password manager: True Key by Intel Security. I tested TrueKey and find that it is a very basic password manager. It does stored my password (very obvious :P) but it lack of some features that I like very much when using RoboForm:

  • Allow me to group my sites so that I can reference to then easily
  • Launching site and enter password is much easy with RoboForm

With the above considerations, I drop the idea of using TrueKey.

Roboform vs Bitdefender Wallet

If you follow my post, you will know that I have changed my antivrius software from McAfee to Bitdefender. Bitdefender comes with a free password manager as well. It is called: Bitdefender Wallet. I test it out, and too bad. It suffer the same problem as TrueKey. It lack of features that I need. No choice, will continue to paid Roboform 🙁

Roboform vs StickyPassword

Today, i received an email promoting StickyPassword password manager. It is offering a discount for the Lifetime access to Sticky Password Premium password manager. Cool, I thought, just required an one time fee, can save some money here if it can replace RoboForm 😛 After some research online, I decided to buy the software (don’t even bother to try the trial version). Spending a few minutes installing the software, follow by importing all my password from Roform to StickyPassword database. Wow, is much simple that I thought. Everything looks great so far.

After all the passwords are imported, I started to test the basic features like:

  • storing password
  • grouping sites
  • launching site and populating password

So far so good. I still prefer RoboForm interface for now. Maybe is due to my habit as I have been using it for so many years. However, StickyPassword does fulfill the functions that I want.

For now, I will use StickyPassword as my main password manager. As my subscription to RoboForm Everywhere has not expired, I still have an option to run both software in parallel. Hopefully, StickyPassword will fix my need and I can do save some bucks by using it 😛

Updated (25 Dec 2016): I am getting used to StickyPassword interface. However I noticed that there are some sites with incomplete information when importing from RoboForm. So be careful not to remove your RoboForm to soon, just in case some passwords are not populated 🙂

Updated (26 Dec 2016): I notice another issue with the information imported from RoboForm. The “Go To URL” information is missing. When RoboForm exports the data, such information is not exported. No good 🙁