Many years back, I have migrate all my websites from Hostgator to Knownhost hosting. I am disappointed with many incidents cause during the time when my sites were hosted with Hostgator. This leaded me to do some research and finally end up choosing Knownhost as my web hosting server. Till date, I am still with Knownhost. The server performance and support/service are good so far πŸ™‚

This post is initially created on 26 Dec 2016. Last Updated on 17 Oct 2017.

Another Good Thing about KnownHost

This post is not about reviewing KnownHost web hosting. Is about how good I feel when I received an email today from KnownHost. The email informs me that there is some upgrade to my plan, though not not critical but I feel good after knowing this. This is not the first time such upgrade happened. Now and then, KnownHost will upgrade goodies for my hosting plan for existing customers without any additional cost. Unlike some hosting campaniles, they only care for new customers. Goodies all goes to NEW customers, for existing customer, well they don’t really care.

KnownHost Santa 2016

Today I received an email from KnownHost with email subject: KnownHost Santa 2016

The email body is as follow:

Dear xxxxx,

With the start of another wonderful Holiday season it’s time again for the annual appearance of KnownHost Santa! All year long we’ve been cheerfully working and preparing for this day to come. We want to say Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful customers!

If you haven’t heard, KnownHost is now global. We have expanded our SSD offerings to include our new location in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This is added to our existing US based locations in Texas, Washington and Maryland.

In addition to the new locations for our SSD VPS line up we are happy to announce free upgrades to all of our customers on our VPS and SSD VPS Packages! No action is necessary on your part to receive these upgrades! All customers on our current VPS and SSD VPS packages will automatically get these benefits. Please allow up to 24 hours for new resource limits to be applied to your VPS/SSD packages.

This holiday announcement for the free upgrades to existing VPS and SSD VPS is delivered to you by KnownHost Santa and is something we at KnownHost are very proud of. We like to take this time to say “Thank you” to all of our customers and express our appreciation.

KnownHost Santa helps make sure that all of our customers are getting the best value possible and that their existing packages stay fresh and current. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join in on our forums to discuss this year’s Christmas special, please visit our forums at

From all of us here at KnownHost we would like to wish everyone a happy holidays. We are looking forward to even more exciting developments in 2016 so stay tuned and thank you for being a KnownHost customer!

Automatically applied SSL Certificate on Your Websites

Around the month of Aug 2017, I have read that SSL Certificate can be part of the equation that affect Google search ranking. I researching around to understand how to install such certs. Out of curiosity, I try to access one of my site with https. Surprisingly, I realized that all might sites have already setup with such certs. Wow, I thought. Save my time πŸ˜› I don’t even knew when are these are setup. You can try to access this site via

If you are looking for web hosting, do visit KnownHost and know more about it. You will be grateful πŸ™‚