Recently, I saw an promotion on Groupon website. It was selling a Website Creation with Internet & Social Media Marketing Workshop for $38. The before discount price is supposed to be $300 (based on the ad on Groupon).

The course is about 5 hours. It covers the following main topics like how to create website, SEO, SEM, Social media, getting traffic to website, Internet marketing, and many more.

I am very puzzle by the instructor who is teaching the course. He must be damn good to teach on these in 5 hours. The students must be very good as well to adsorb all the information in such a short period of time.

If you believe that someone can teach all these topics in 5 hours, good luck to you.

I suppose the course will be some kind of introduction session where you learn some definition of each topics. For so many topics, each one has to be covered in 30 mins. And if someone tell me you can learn getting web traffic in 30 mins, I salute you. Internet marketing in 30 mins? SEO … Social Media …

This course looks like an introductory course to me. At the end of the course, how many students can really performs all the tasks correctly and effectively? Maybe, there will have some up-sells to more advance courses, or some services to help you with the tasks.

As I do not attend the course personally, this is just my personal thought.

If you have attended similar session, do you mind sharing your experience with the readers here. Just write your thought in the form below. Cheers.