Brought my daughters (Cheryl and Chloe) to Suntec for a book fair with the hope of getting some good deals. As usual, wifey wasn’t very interested and this gave me the opportunity to bond with my two girls.
Suntec bookfair 2013

Suntec City is now so different from its previous look. As the renovation is still in progress, only some areas are open.

The scale of this year’s book fair is small as compared to previous years and i could easily cover the entire fair within an hour. Total damage about 400$ and brought back toys and books. The girls were the happiest as usual as i granted their wish to buy a magnetic toy which cost almost 200$. Could see the glee on their faces and sparkles in their eyes

luck draw
We proceeded to the lucky dip counter with the receipts and was entitled 19 dips. Guess what? Cheryl won the first prize which is an OTO massage chair! They girls were jumping for joy and said that it is my Father’s Day present ! I could not believe it at first and wifey though i was kidding when i whatsapp her.

win an oto massage chair

Truly unbelievable and a pleasant surprise indeed. The girls are indeed my lucky stars!

Now patiently waiting for them to call me and arrange for the delivery …